ONE ROOM CHALLENGE Week V - Exciting Announcement!

If you’re here for the first time, welcome! I’m Jana Bek, an Ann Arbor based interior designer with an emerging lifestyle line of home décortextiles, & lighting. I have a love for bright colors, bold prints, and designing spaces & home décor that help transport you to your dream destination.

I’m so excited to be participating in my fifth season of One Room Challenge & and a huge thanks to Linda of Calling it Home for organizing!

This round, I’m taking on our kitchen, it currently has a dark 90s dated look, that's completely out of sync with the airy spaces that surround it.

We are in the final stretch & we are thrilled with how it’s coming together! We’ve only got two items left to finish; the floating shelves and building up the top of the fridge.

The original plan was to paint the floating shelves white but when the cut shelves were set in place, I loved the texture and warmth that the natural wood provided. It’s not a high-end wood but I don’t care as the color is exactly what I would have chosen (aka it’s Pine & it’s fine)!


Secondly, I’ve always been disturbed by the header on our fridge. It wasn’t that it didn’t reach the ceiling (with 10’ ceilings that didn’t bother me so much) but the trim looked so wimpy. Since we were painting anyway, we are building up the height of the header about 8” then adding a classic 4” crown molding. Here’s where we are at now, and an inspiration photo of the process I found on Pinterest, original image can be found here. I know it will look so much more substantial!


Now for the final touches, including an exciting announcement, that will really bring the space to life!

If you follow me on Instagram or have read previous blog posts you know that I am an avid art collector & enjoy discovering new artists. So I’m delighted to share that I’m now offering a curated selection of my favorite Artfully Walls pieces on the site!

I've long been a fan of AW , below is Boy on Horse by Andrew Jacona & Three Palms by Jan Weiss in our home & Atlanta apartment:

To add interest & color to the kitchen, I’m excited to layer these works onto our floating shelves:


Clockwise from top right:

Bananas's Ripening / The Almond FlowerEmeraldA Child's PlayTzealim

We are a bit behind schedule so wish us luck & I hope you’ll tune in next Thursday for the big reveal!

In the interim, you can find my scheming on Instagram & pinterest.

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