One Room Challenge - Skate Inspired Guest Room

If you’re here for the first time, welcome! I’m Jana Bek, an Ann Arbor based interior designer with an emerging lifestyle line of home décortextiles, & lighting. I have a love for bright colors, bold prints, and designing spaces & home décor that help transport you to your dream destination.


I’m so excited to be participating in my sixth season of One Room Challenge!

Here’s a look at my favorite past ORC’s (and you can tour all of them in links below):

kitchenbefore copy.jpg
unspecified copy.jpg

This season I’ve decided to makeover our guest bedroom. It’s always been the room that inherits leftover furniture and decor so it has zero sense of design.


Our most frequent visitors tend to be nephews and nieces, and one of their favorite activities is to people watch and skate at our local skate park so a relaxed, cool vibe is inspiring the look. I’ve found a lot of inspiration in Nina Freudenberger's Surf Shack, and I know I’m incorporating this awesome Artfully Walls piece, Boy’s on Skates, into the design.


I want the room to be a little offbeat & funky, but still pulled together. I’m a little worried it may look contrived, so wish me luck. I’ll be in San Fran next week for an exciting designer retreat so I’ve got to kick my planning into high gear!

Come back next Wednesday for updates, and In the interim, you can find my scheming on Instagram & pinterest.