One Room Challenge - Fall 2018 - Final Stretch

This past week I’ve been working fast and furiously to get my now, 2, One Room Challenges into fine form. I’ve definitely had to get pieces rushed, pull some favors, but I think the guest room and Orion’s are well on their way to greatness!

This is post is super short as everything will come together the day before the shoot. Fingers crossed this gorgeous swivel chair (that I want for every room in my home) will make the shoot! The Frontgate team is working their hardest to rush my last minute order, and I cannot say enough great things about their customer service!


Now, two sneak peeks of the rooms on items I could control.

For the guest bedroom (zen retreat) I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go with the artwork. Enter Pinterest and two beautiful DIYs from Love on Sundays & Sarah Sherman Samuel:


Left, Amy’s from Love on Sundays, ironically for her ORC & inspired by Sarah Sherman Samuels DIY, right


With dowels, floral wire, and eucalyptus at hand, I crafted this hanging piece that I’m obsessed with! It’s drying now but still looks and smells beautiful. I love the ethereal feel it adds to the space. 

In a complete 180, Orion’s hip, Cali space, is giving me all the feels. I shopped our home and used our cowhide rug to hide the carpet. My parent’s long treasured gift, their record collection, couple with Kristi Kohut’s piece makes me wish this was my room!


 I cannot wait to share the reveals with you next week! I’m anticipating they won’t be finished, finished, but definitely exciting transformations from what they were!

Wish me luck and I hope you’ll come back next week for my progress updates!

Come back next Wednesday for updates, and In the interim, you can find my scheming on Instagram & pinterest.


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