One Room Challenge Spring 2019 - Week 4

If you’re here for the first time, welcome! I’m Jana Bek, a New York and Ann Arbor, Michigan based interior designer with a lifestyle line of home décor, textiles, & lighting. I have a love for bright colors, bold prints, and designing spaces & home décor that help transport you to your dream destination.


I’m so excited to be included in my ninth season of One Room Challenge! I’ve participated both as an invited participant and as a linking guest, and each avenue is an exciting opportunity to get your space looking awesome at top speed - with a wonderful design community supporting you along the way! If your joining-in this season, I wish you all the best in your sprint towards your space’s transformation!


When I design any space, it always begins with the textiles and artwork, as they both ground a room, and bring it to life. These choices would ordinarily be part of my initial planning, but as I mentioned last week, knowing we needed beautiful foundation furniture ASAP, I modified my process.

Since it’s a bit to take in, I’m walking you through my choices for our living/dining room area this week, and our bedroom next week.

I was having the hardest time wrapping my mind around our living/dining room, because I couldn’t land on the right artwork for the space. I was trying to make pieces we had work, but everything felt forced. That all changed on my trip to High Point market. I’m such a fan of Natural Curiosities, and they just launched a subsidiary company, Arte Maison. It’s equally beautiful, more affordable, art greatness.  

Perfect timing for me, because I fell in love with their Mod Circles series, I immediately ordered 6 pieces, and begged them to make the timing work!

With that, everything else fell into order. I wanted to go funky, edgy, and bold, and additional artwork and textiles were so much fun to find. One of my other go-to sources for inspiring art is Artfully Walls (their artwork is actually in most rooms in our Ann Arbor home)! I always find unique pieces on their site, their framing is fantastic, and their pricing is so reasonable.


These pieces are going to help me layer in the edge and funk I’m after:


I know that this is a sconce, but it’s also a gorgeous sculpture that will add additional edge to my entry, isn’t it sexy? I wanted to use additional pieces from Hudson Valley Lighting but I can’t hang ceiling fixtures in our apartment, c’est la vie!


I’ve long been obsessed with Clarence House’s Tibet print, and the hot pink option will provide an exciting punch for the living room. The fabric is on its way, and fingers crossed I can find a Brooklyn upholsterer who is keen to make me throw pillows in one week!


Arianna Belle makes the most beautiful pillows and I’m using two of her olive velvets to bring harmony to the design, and a mini conga line pillow for more fun!


Our brushstroke fabric makes me happy, and with the artwork establishing the palette, I finally knew what I wanted to create with our on-trend ORC sponsor, Scout Design Studio. Their poufs, in our blush brushstroke fabric, will make a perfect pairing for the dining room area. Scout is a literal treasure trove of furniture and decor. Their selections updates daily, and it’s an awesome blend of their custom creations, vintage scores, and cleverly curated decor and artwork. I cannot wait to have their custom poufs in our place!

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 1.25.30 PM.png
Custom Pouf In Metallic Blue.02.jpg

That’s it for this week! Next week I’ll be discussing textiles & art for our bedroom design. For my interim planning, check in on Instagram (@janabekdesign) & Pinterest!