No Sew Faux Roman Shade DIY

Hi All, I'm so excited to share this no sew faux Roman DIY with you! I've used Caitlin Wilson's Gold Scallop fabric to make three of these for our powder room & have begun using Domesticate's charcoal dot fabric to make faux romans for my office. They are an amazing, affordable option when you want to dress up your windows but you don't need the privacy.

What you'll need:

Your fabric for the shade (4"-5" wider than the total width you want to achieve & a full yard in length)

Fabric for lining

Lots of hot glue!


Ok, first you want to take a piece of fabric that is about 4" wider than you need & in terms of width & for length I recommend using the full yard so you have enough fabric for making the folds & hanging it as low as you want.

For my powder room, I wanted the romans to be inside mounted, the inside of my window is 21" so I cut the fabric to 25" wide. This gave me 2" to fold my fabrics for the border. I had to pay attention to that each shade looked exactly alike with the scallop pattern so after I made the first one I kept referencing it to make sure my new folds were in line with what I did initially (so the bottoms of the folds hit at the bases of the scallops and the sides lined up with the sides of the scallops). If you are nervous I would start with a solid fabric. 

So below, is all my sides and bottom folded to meet my pattern needs & width needs, then you'll measure to make sure the width is what you need (again for me 21") at this point the length doesn't matter.

Next you are going to iron down the sides and bottoms so they are crisp. 

Then hot glue the bottom flap, then the sides. Next you are going to take a piece of fabric cut to the entire size of the back of your fabric to serve as a liner. This will make the folds look more full & block out more light, making it look beautiful and not like a cheap faux shade :) I was being super thrifty and used an old sheet to line mine so you'll see it's lined with two separate pieces. To avoid headache I would recommend using a continuous piece of fabric for your lining. 

Then you hot glue that lining just inside your hems and the top of the fabric. (Again you'll have one large piece here as oppose to my partial lining. 


Ok now you are looking at how you want your folds to be. You'll see, again, I followed my pattern as a guide, I wanted the bottoms of the scallops to line up so I finessed it until I got it just right. If you have a solid fabric I think it's about 5-7" of fabric between each fold. This requires just manipulating the fabric. Work with it and you'll figure it out. 

Now I really didn't hot glue that much with the folds. With each I did a dot of glue on the front under the left & right corners & under the middle of each fold. Then I flipped the shade over and did the same in the back. I recommend starting with this amount to make sure the folds look even, once you are happy you can add more glue to the back or front as needed for additional support. 


Once completed, I actually hung just with tacks on the left and right sides of each shade. On each of these there in about 10" of the extra lined length of the shade hanging in the back that I just kept on. Then if I ever want them lower I can adjust & it acts as additional lining to boot!