**If you have been following my ORC skip the next three paragraphs – theyare to intro new friends & catch them up to speed!** 

If you are new to Jana Bek Design, welcome & thank you so much for stopping in! I’m an interior designer in Ann Arbor, MI. Most of my designs are implemented through my E-Design Services, although I also do live interior designs as well. More recently I have launched my line of Hand Painted Brushstroke lamps the first category of what I’m planning to be a full line of Home Décor products. I love color & pattern but built on neutral foundations so I have flexibility to mix things up as my taste change. I love layering vintage & modern pieces and as of late I’m entirely in love with light, airy, coastal aesthetics. Find me @janabekdesign on Twitter & Instagram to see additional photos of my style. 

Now, hello design enthusiasts! I’m delighted that you are following along in my making over our home in six short weeks!  Many thanks to Linda for organizing it and inviting me to this fantastic adventure! 

For my ORC I’m tackling two adjoining spaces – our family room and breakfast nook. I was originally going to do our family room but as it’s in need of mostly cosmetic changes, I thought it necessary to add on an adjoining area to keep me honest.Although we live in Michigan I still want to create a relaxed resort look for our home. Our other spaces achieve this aesthetic so I’m excited for these other rooms to reflect that vibe.

Alright so, in my over-eagerness to take on this challenge while managing new projects and product sales, I feel like I haven’t properly orientated you to my scheming so, let’s go, better delayed then never!

Here is the terrible before of our great room (heavy, heavy, jacquard fabrics? yellow paint? Bless my husband – who sought help, before we were together , for trying (with a design company that shall remain nameless that has since gone out of business).  Additionally, we are wanting to downsize in the near future, it’s a beautiful home just not manageable, so I’m working with the pieces we have. They have great lines and are of great quality so it’s a matter of updating them to make them work for us. They speak to Bristish colonial style which can segue into the Palm Beach/relaxed vibe I’ve created in our other spaces nicely so that’s the direction I’m taking. 


The easiest, and most affordable way to update any space, is to paint it. To cover up that hideous yellow in both rooms, we used two coats of Valspar’s Soft Pelican gray. The beautiful shade immediately transformed the spaces from scary to airy and gorgeous (it was hard for us to put the furniture back in the room)!


Ok, back to working with what you have. The sofa is covered in a chenille velvet green, with matching chenille pillows,  some bad yellow/brown silk fringe pillows thrown in for more bad taste. NO THANKS. So with the help of DecoratorsBestLacefield Designs, & Little Design Co, some gorgeous new pillows are going to give the sofa a new lease on life. 

Here is the dreamy textile round up:


Fabrics from top to bottom: Betwixt, Hothouse Flowers, Bleecker, Kelly Linen

The Lacefield Kelly linen pillows came this week and I'm in love! Some existing pillows I have are standing in but I needed to share a photo - there's hope for this space!


Those accent chairs, also in offensive jacquard, will receive some love with simple new linen cushion covers.

 Finally, my brilliant friend, Michelle Adams, (this lady is a visionary, who will kindly tell you to stick to your vision, after too many emails) said a rug would break up the seating area. The perfect rug she suggested has similar coloring to our carpet but the texture and ability to divide the space up was an “ah – ha” moment. I just put it in place tonight and am thrilled; I cannot wait to share photos with you! 

Now let’s give you some fun before and afters of the breakfast nook! 

How insanely gorgeous is this beachy Pottery Barn chandelier?! And they just launched large round jute rugs, which was a godsend for me, these are the first beautiful round jute rugs I've come across and it makes the uninteresting tile disappear.


I'm so excited to share more updates with you next week! 

You can keep up with any scheming in the interim on instagram & twitter @janabekdesign.

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