One Room Challenge Week IV

**If you have been following my ORC skip the next three paragraphs – theyare to intro new friends & catch them up to speed!**  

If you are new to Jana Bek Design, welcome & thank you so much for stopping in! I’m an interior designer in Ann Arbor, MI. Most of my designs are implemented through my E-Design Services, although I also do live interior designs as well. More recently I have launched my line of Hand Painted Brushstroke lamps the first category of what I’m planning to be a full line of Home Décor products. I love color & pattern but built on neutral foundations so I have flexibility to mix things up as my taste change. I love layering vintage & modern pieces and as of late I’m entirely in love with light, airy, coastal aesthetics. Find me @janabekdesign on Twitter & Instagram to see additional photos of my style. 

Now, hello design enthusiasts! I’m delighted that you are following along in my making over our home in six short weeks!  Many thanks to Linda for organizing it and inviting me to this fantastic adventure!  

For my ORC I’m tackling two adjoining spaces – our family room and breakfast nook. I was originally going to do our family room but as it’s in need of mostly cosmetic changes, I thought it necessary to add on an adjoining area to keep me honest. Although we live in Michigan I still want to create a relaxed resort look for our home. Our other spaces achieve this aesthetic so I’m excited for these other rooms to reflect that vibe. 

Last week, I showed you the major progress by way of paint and textile selections, this week is all about the final flourishes – artwork and decor that will make the spaces feel inviting and finished.  

If you recall, our bookshelves have doors on them, my friend Michelle suggested I take off the doors to make the piece fit the lighter aesthetic I was after.


Running with her genius, I thought to hang artwork on the shelves as I’ve been obsessed with this style for some time, also we have virtually zero wall space for artwork so I knew a couple of pieces would help to add warmth and character, I choose this Minted coral print and fishes print as they have an antiquity about them that feels in line with my British colonial India Hicks vision for the space:


Now, for the breakfast nook, this space by Meg Braff continues to be my vision – I love it, it is sophisticated, everything I want; Palm Beach, polished and inviting. In terms of styling, the peonies stood out as a necessity to me.  Though often overlooked, fauna and flowers bring life to a space, whether gorgeous faux or from your garden, they bring vivid life to a space and are worth focus and care.


I emailed the team at Natural Decorations Inc. my above inspiration image and they recreated it perfectly! How stunning is this arrangement?! Pretty fauxing fabulous! NDI is amazing to work with and I've already received many compliments on it, even my husband thinks it's beautiful. So the peonies propelled me into styling the nook when I should have been working on less glamorous details but here’s a peek:


So much more goodness that I didn’t have time to delve into this week but I'm so excited to share more next Wednesday!

In the interim, you can keep up with any scheming in the interim on instagram & twitter @janabekdesign.

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