Introducing : Project #CameraReadyInteriors !

I’m delighted to be partnering with 23 inspiring interior designers in what we are calling #CameraReadyInteriors, a group blogging event to celebrate the talented photographers that capture our designs so beautifully. Their craft truly brings our work to life!

Photographing interiors is tricky business – rooms are rarely photo-ready even after being meticulously designed down to every detail. Furniture placement needs to be exaggerated, pillows & drapes require constant tweaking; every aspect needs to be finessed to ensure the space gets captured in a way that looks natural on camera.

I’m highlighting a few of the photographers I’ve had the great pleasure of working with over the years. As you read on about these amazing artists, be sure to check out their portfolios and additional work on their social media channels, so much eye candy to take in!

Erik Melvin

I could really devote a series of posts to Erik. He is immensely talented & I’m honored to be able to call him my friend. In fact, he’s the first professional photographer I ever worked with back in the years when we were both starting our own businesses. Man did we hustle (and have a lot of fun too boot).

In the early days, in that we were both starting out, Erik would often come to my NY apartment and he would happily photograph for an entire afternoon on payment mostly in mimosas. And during crazed times, Erik was always game: I recall a road-trip from NY to Philly, where we photographed two clients’ homes, then immediately drove back to NY and photographed another client’s apartment. It was exhausting and with Erik’s great spirit, incredibly fun.

Above & below are my teeny 500sq foot NY apartment Erik shoot so beautifully.

When I moved to out of the city, and my work had grown to the point of finally being able to pay Erik (in currency rather than food and drink), he was kind enough to fly in to photograph product & lifestyle photos for my brushstroke lamp launch. It wouldn’t have felt right working with anyone else as I started the next chapter of my business, and I’m so happy he was there to capture my work in such a beautiful way. Photos from that shoot:

Erik Melvin: an amazing eye; world-class photographer; fantastic humor; and a gentle soul. Thank you Erik.

Today, Erik shoots for the renown fashion blogger Garance Dore, has his work available at Anthropologie (seriously cool, right?) & at Artfully Walls. I couldn’t be more honored to have him at my side as we started down our paths. Check out his beautiful portfolio & follow him on Instagram here.

Rustic White

I recently partnered with Robert Patterson from the talented team of Rustic White to shoot our Atlanta apartment and an outdoor collaboration with Ballard Designs. Robert was highly recommended from a friend & I’m so happy for the referral; he was a joy to work with! I had never photographed outdoor scenes (or food) so I heavily relied on Robert’s expertise; he was a stylist & a photographer that afternoon!

It was a long day & I reserved shots that I would be fine cutting if time became an issue. Robert was committed to getting every shot & his energy and positivity was contagious, he captured every vignette beautifully. I also loath having my photo taken & he totally put me at ease & gave me tips to look natural. I so look forward to working with him again! Check out their portfolio & follow them on Instagram here

Sarah Dorio

If you don’t live in a major city, interior & lifestyle photographers can be quite hard to come by. After seeing Sarah’s photography in a friend’s portfolio, I reached out to Sarah to see if she would be interested in traveling to Ann Arbor to photograph our home (Sarah is based out of Atlanta). She gladly accepted and was so flexible, even offering to stay at our home to avoid hotel costs. Our shoot was a very long day and Sarah moved with great efficiency to capture each space beautifully. Check out her portfolio here. 

My words do not do these artists justice so I hope you will check out their portfolios & Instagram accounts so you can be properly orientated with their talents!

Again, I’m thrilled to be partnering with these awesome interior designers to celebrate so many fabulous photographers, head to their posts linked below and check out our #CameraReadyInteriors photos tagged on Instagram!

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