DIY : Chalkboard Stemware

This is one of my all time favorite DIYs, originally contributed to MadebyGirl blog, & I thought it was a perfect Friday post with weekend entertaining in mind. 

This DIY was my chic & super simple solution for entertaining:stemware with writable chalkboard bases.  A sophisticated way to distinguish one's champagne cocktail when the soiree is too bubbly to keep track. 


Chalkboard Paint, Stemware, Paint Brush, Chalk


Paint the base. I recommend using short brushstrokes. This layer should be thin,  just enough coverage to create texture for the second layer. It will not look attractive but do not worry, it will turn out!

Let dry overnight. Then paint on a second layer of paint. It will look goopy, but again, do not worry, as it dries the paint settles into the shape of the base.

Now entertain away!

I think these would be perfect for bridal showers & holiday gatherings, can you see making these for your next event? I'd love to know!

 -photos by Erik Melvin

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