Fresh Citrus Inspired Nursery Reveal

Sharing this nursery tour is particularly delightful and special to me because the mama, Alyssa Filter, has been an E-Design client but moreover friend for now years (wow how time flies!).

When Alyssa reached out to me I was quite excited, as I’ve helped her design numerous spaces in their previous home & so what an honor to help her with her babe, Georgia’s, nursery.

Alyssa has fantastic taste – she knew she wanted to incorporate Inslee’s Citrus Blossom fabric – and that was the launching point, fresh and fun, then layering in some femininity but not overly so. 


When we started the design Aly found this vintage blush glider on Craigslist was convinced it would have to be reupholstered. Well, I love working with what client’s have and it was a great color, I also know upholstery costs can run high so I very much wanted to make it work. By introducing pops of blush in the design, the chair works beautifully as-is. 

Here's Alyssa's storyboard for their the nursery:


As I mentioned, Alyssa has a beautiful aesthetic for design so I’ll let her take it from here:

What drew you to the Inslee citrus print for this space?

I knew that I didn't want a nursery that screamed baby or was primarily pink- I wanted something that was fresh and modern but still feminine and fun. When I came across the Inslee print I fell in love with the colors and the pattern and knew I had to have it! 


What's your favorite piece/aspect about the design?

My favorite part of the design was that Jana was able to take my very first purchase - a $100 blush pink chair from Craigslist - and pull together an incredible space incorporating the Inslee fabric and it all totally works. When I found the chair, I didn't know if we would be able to get the Inslee fabric (I saw it on Pinterest and did not know if it was available for purchase) but I just went for it -- convinced that if we got the fabric, the chair would need to be recovered. So I was beyond thrilled to see the first draft of the design Jana presented it pulled together the space incorporating the two things I had fallen in love with - the citrus print and the blush chair. The drapes, mirror, etc really tied it all together. 


I also love that all of the pieces except for the crib can transition into a “Big Girl’s room” very easily. We can enjoy these pieces as Georgia grows, not just for a couple of years in a nursery.


Tell us about life with new baby Georgia!

I am absolutely loving this new life with Baby Georgia. I was never someone who dreamed my whole life of being a mom so I was very nervous about what it would be like and how I would feel. But there is no better feeling than looking into my baby girl's eyes and seeing her little gummy smile. It is so fun seeing her grow and experiencing all of her "firsts". I also love seeing my husband as a dad - he is just the sweetest and has been so present and supportive. I am simply very, very happy. 


You are obviously a fan of E-Design! What do you enjoy about the E-Design process?

Several years back I worked with a more "traditional" designer and process and found it exceptionally difficult since I worked full time, which happened to be the same hours the designer wanted to meet at the house, have calls, review materials, etc. It simply didn't work for me, so I decided to give E-Design a try!! I love online tools like Pinterest, Polyvore, etc so was already heavily using the Internet to dream up ideas and find inspiration. The process felt very natural and was very interactive and fun for me but also worked well with my work schedule. Plus, I felt an immediate connection to Jana and just loved working with her! 

A huge thanks to Meg Perotti For the beautiful photography!

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