Presentation Tile Box Set

Presentation Tile Box Set

from 6.00

We are delighted to now offer tile sets that represent the entire range of colors and finish options available for our signature shape lamps, and classic brushstroke lamps!

Set of 18 tiles includes: 

15 Tiles depicting the colors and finishes available for our solid, signature shape lamps (clover, twist, champion and gourd shapes).

12 of these colors are available in matte and gloss finish. The matte finish is a little lighter in color than the gloss, so this essentially doubles the palette for these colors! The 12 tiles are finished in half gloss, half matte, for easy reference. 

2 Tiles depicting the color and finish of our brushstroke lamps and ginger jars. Our stocked brushstroke lamps and ginger jars are finished in a high gloss finish, while custom color lamps and ginger jars are available in a satin finish. One tile of each will enable you to understand the difference.

1 Tile depicting the scribble style and colors available for our mini scribble lamps.

Single tiles are also available for purchase.

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