Design Direction: Fresh Takes on Holiday Home Decor

I’ve never been one to edit our decor for the seasons, but this year we decided to have a huge holiday party & I wanted our home to relay a festive vibe that invites guests to stay awhile. In tweaking our spaces, I arrived at three top takeaways to get your home holiday-ready without completely overhauling every detail.

Here's my first tip & I'm excited to be sharing all of them over at Style Me Pretty Living today! 

Fresh greenery

Given our homes coastal vibe, I wanted the greenery to be a bit softer. As our local Michigan options are heartier, I took the task to Etsy. In doing so, I sourced this gorgeous (looking and smelling) bay wreath


Then, I’ve always wanted to work with magnolia, and thankfully my go-to florist, at the University Flower Shop, was able to source it for me.


I so enjoy that both the bay wreath, and magnolia branches, are drying now but are still so pretty.

Get the rest of my tips over at Style Me Pretty Living, I hope they resonate with you!

Happy holidays to you & yours!


Photos by Marta X. Perez