Atlanta Apartment Planning - The Entry

If you are just tuning in – welcome! I’m an interior designer now in Ann Arbor, by way of New York, and my husband and I just got an apartment in Atlanta. You can catch up on additional details here. In a nutshell, I love color, pattern, happy hues, the occasional DIY, and a festive cocktail party.

I’m so excited about our new Atlanta space that I’m breaking down the design details of my planning, starting with the entry space. 

When you enter our apartment, you are walking into our kitchen and dining area. We have a small adjacent “bump out” space that is perfect for creating an entry – this will soften the transition into our apartment.

In this photo, to your right, you’ll see the area I’m describing (and thoroughly contemplating) :


This wall needs to be total eye candy as it will serve dual purposes – an entry vignette as well as buffet table scheme when guests are over.

Enter the dreamy disappearing console from Wisteria Lane. We just set it up and it totally changed my vision for the entry. The apartment was already a nice white so I planned on keeping it as-is, but I quickly started dreaming of colors to back drop the console, I need to showcase its beauty!


Well lucky for my daily Pinterest and Instagram inspirations – happy hues of an aqua walls have been dancing in my head, how dreamy are these designs of Lisa Mende & Brian Patrick Flynn


I’m still looking for the perfect paint color & I think I’ll use this porcupine mirror from our Ann Arbor place – so stay tuned to see how it will all come together!

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