Master Bedroom Update with Gray Malin

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a huge fan of photographer Gray Malin, (I recently used his Bondi Beach print in our son’s bedroom makeover - stay tuned for the full reveal!). My friend Brooke introduced me to his work years ago and I instantly fell In love. The wanderlust quality of his pieces are dreamy, no doubt, and provide a virtual vacation to boot.  


So when Gray invited me to celebrate the launch of his new Parker series in his Inspiration Spotlight series, you better believe I was delighted! It’s beautiful, cheeky, and fun - everything I expect from him and what I strive for in my aesthetic.


I had wanted to update the gallery wall in our master bedroom for some time. The arrangement originated in our NY apartment and carries with it many memories, but I longed for something simpler. When I spotted Skinny Dip I knew it would be the perfect fit. It’s a lovely sight to start and end the day with.

Here's the before:


And the lovely after:


(Sigh), such goodness!

Be sure check out the entire Parker collection & his interview with me on the Gray Malin lifestyle blog!